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Camy Clothing was created by Bly Richards in 2010. Working as a streetdance teacher in Huddersfield Bly had, prior to this, studied art and was in the midst of a film production course when he first printed T-shirts to sell to his students. An opportunity later arose that allowed him to move to London and pursue his career in dance. It was here, performing for agencies and continuing to teach, that he was inspired by a book about living in the present ‘The Power of now’. Bly was drawn to the idea of creating a new clothing line based around this philosophy.

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Over the next couple of years, Bly became a big influence on the UK dance scene and gained respect and recognition for his work performing, teaching and battling. He decided to take the next step with his T-shirts, whose market until then had been mainly students of his workshops and classes, to build a global brand with streetdance as its platform. The inspiration for Camy was born at an international dance camp in 2010 named ‘SDK’ in the Czech Republic. Surrounded by dancers from all over the world, diverse in their nationalities and dance styles, Bly realised that despite their differences, they were all united in their passion and desire to be better. The brand name ‘Camy’ stemmed initially from an idea he had for a dance group called the ‘Chameleons’ – dancers capable of mastering all street styles and changing their style to match the music. This concept was later implemented into the clothing line, with the ideology that we all have the ability to adapt to our environment to help us be successful.

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With a chameleon in mind, Bly drew up some test designs for a character logo trying to incorporate the spiral from the chameleon’s tail and tongue into the word ‘Camy’ also; after a lot of discarded drafts, he eventually settled upon what has now become the well-known and iconic ‘C’ of Camy.

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This led to Camy’s first design – the Spiral Drip. T-shirts in numerous colours were printed in time to launch at an underground battle in London: ‘House Dance UK’ (Halloween), with the best dancers getting free T-shirts to wear in the battles and the winner taking one home. Expressing her enthusiasm for the design, one dancer at the event observed that the spiral is the Celtic symbol for progression – although this symbolism was unintentional, it was exactly what the brand had been created to represent. This cemented the spiral’s place as the logo for Camy.

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After the third batch of T-shirts and later sweatshirts sold out, it was clear that there was demand and a gap in the market for Camy. The next step was to improve the quality of the merchandise and get back to the drawing board. Bly’s next design was a unique illusion labyrinth symbolising the journey to success – a struggle, but with persistence and an adaptive perspective on life, not impossible.

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By this time Camy’s recognition had spread nationwide and even overseas. Footage of international dancers wearing and promoting the brand had aroused awareness of the clothing line, and increasing demand was such that Bly needed another avenue through which to sell stock: so was born the Camy website and new complete Camy logo.

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Next came new products designed from scratch, reinforcing the brand’s unique identity. First were the jogging bottoms known as ‘Joggs’ with the Camy spiral pattern detailed on the pocket, followed by backpacks, with the reasoning that Bly could not find a bag to fulfill all his needs so decided to create one. From then on it became part of the brand’s principles to create only original garments with Camy’s unique styling.

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The clothing line grew from a concept into a global brand in Bly’s living room, where he and friends would spend hours upon hours checking, folding and individually bagging every item. With so much stock, Camy has had to hire storage space and finally given Bly his living room back, which he can use as a dance studio again.

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So what is Camy doing now? With visions of broadening the market, Bly has opened Camy up to extreme sportsmen and women, artists and urban fashioners alike. New smart-casual and high-end designs are already on sale with more in the pipeline – you can find our smart T-shirts and real leather varsity jackets online now. A full-range, constantly expanding brand, our simplistic but meaningful designs draw the customers in, and the quality keeps them hooked.   Everyone should have an Obsession 4 Progression.